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QualiteOneday Basic -Light Blue- (10 Lenses/Box)

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Price: 2,300 YEN
≈ 20.25 USD
Item No. QB101YQ001
Color variations
Dark Red



Please read carefully before buying.

 Purchase agreement
I agree to an agreement of color contact purchase.
When buying the different frequency at left and right, please buy a fellow twice.
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  • Qualite 1day Basic Light Blue  
    Product Name QUALITE 1day


    DIA(colored part)



    The color might look different depends on the device and monitor you use, or depends on the angle you see. We don't accept retun and exchange by the reason of any customers' convenience, like the color is not the same as you expected. If you have any question or worries, please contact us.
    ◆Qualite 1day Basic Light Blue

    Best selling color!!
    It colors clearly in a photo even taken from far distance and also in a dark place too!
    1day colored contacts(10packs per box)
    ※This is a disposable contacts. Once you take it out, please throw it away and use new one.

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Score:5.0 SALE
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Score: SALE  Name: vikki

To start off, I have very dark brown eyes and a high sensitivity to contact lenses!
Thankfully Airily lenses are very comfortable, vibrant, and of super high quality!

These lenses help me look my best while also being comfortable and safe! You can throw away the lenses at the end of a convention day or photoshoot without worry!
These lenses are super vibrant and beautiful while still being very comfortable for me!
The attached image is how they looked on my eyes without being edited!