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Cosplayer Collaboration Project

Cosplayer Collaboration Project

Airily world boasts enormous popularity
and scale in Japanese cosplay market.

High quality
High quality
Airily aims for total production of activities of cosplayer by developing and offering high quality products.
Developed an easy-to-arrange style that is No. 1 in the industry. Beautiful color variations and smooth and smooth hair quality are also gaining support from many cosplayers.
Colored contacts
QUALITE provides colored contacts licensed by Japanese Gov.
Our high quality and brilliant colored contacts gives you unreal eye look, but at the same time, it fits well naturally.
Other cosplay-related items
Other cosplay-related items
The commitment item planned and developed according to customers will help you in your cosplay activities.

Airily world is looking for
an official ambassador active in the world.

Airily world Benefits of becoming an official ambassador

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    Airily world, Airily Japan official site · Facebook·Instagram·PR your cosplay activity on Twitter.

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    Free gifts of 3,000JPY points!

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    We will post information on your cosplay event (event exhibition, solo exhibition etc.) activity!

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    PR cost free!

Airily world Official Ambassador Case Studies

Cosplay name :minoritwitter instagram website

Minori transforms herself into the essence of several motives such as nature, especially that of flowers, and even vibrant culture.
Her aim is to harmonize and feel within these elements.
The photographs shown depict the moment when she became one with the energy, essence, and core of a fundamental part of the universe, one that is connected to Mother Earth.
I like antique/gthic/lolita fashion since I was 17 and I've felt like normal makeup doesn't go well with these energetic fashion style.
Then my friend told me about shironuri art and I felt the harmony of look of face makeup and those fashion style.
To achive deeper harmonization of whole look, I started to make clothes as well since 2013.

Cosplay name :Katie instagram

Fashion style is Lolita fashion and Yumekawaii.
In California it is always sunny and beautiful and it makes me want to dress in lots of colors!
I love to use real and silk flowers and things that sparkle, like glitter and crystals.
I love stuffed animals and lots of jewelry.
I like wearing a lot of accessories!
I wanted a style that was colorful and girly.
When I was a teenager I saw lolita dresses in a store in New York City and wanted one so badly.
I started reading Japanese fashion magazines like KERA, Zipper, and Fruits and felt inspired.
I wanted to look and feel like a princess.

Airily world Becoming
an Official Ambassador Conditions and Flow

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    Let's make friends with you on Airily world's Facebook · Instagram · Twitter.

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    Please register as a free member on this site in order to give you a point gift.
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    Either your Facebook · Instagram · Twitter etc. Either 2,000 or more followers

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    It is possible for us to pass the examination for ambassador certification at our company.

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