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Airily wig How-To


Gently brush from tip of hair. Please don't brush from root, otherwise wig hair get tangled.
how to wear wig01 If you have long hair, please tie it up first.
how to wear wig02 Wear Wig Net and get it through your neck.
how to wear wig03 Hold streching side around forehead and put all of your hair in the Wig Net.
how to wear wig04 Make sure not to be lumpy then set it with hair pin.
how to wear wig05 Adjust wig size with adjuster to fit to your head.
how to wear wig06 Make sure that center stiching of the wig comes to the top of your head.
how to wear wig07 Holding front part of wig on your forehead and put wig on.
how to wear wig08 Check all your hair go into inside and make sure hair don't get tangled, then FInish!


All the airily wig is one-size-fits-all.
But you can adjust the size with its adjuster.
※Some items don't have adjuster on it

◆Loosest fitting without hooked You can adjust size with these hook and adjuster.

◆Adjusting wig's sizeIf you want to make it tighter, put these hook into the hole of adjuster tape.


When your wig get dirty, tangled, or you want to store it for a while....
Let's wash it and keep it beautiful!
how to wash wig 01 Put warm water into bowl and give wig a quick rinse. If you put hair wax or styling moose on wig, gently wash it with shampoo. We recommend to use fabric softner to keep its hair smooth.
how to wash wig 02 After rinse your wig, remove water with dry towel. Put wig on wig stand then gently blow wig hair.
how to wash wig 03 To give a special touch, we reccomend to use wig hair spray to avoid to get hair tangled.


How to curl heat resistant wig hair
how to curl wig 01 If you have wig hair spray, put it on to all over the wig
how to curl wig 02 Gently brush hair and remove tangled hair
how to curl wig 03 Hold small amount of hair like the picture above, then spray water
how to curl wig 04 Curl hair with hair iron※1
how to curl wig 05 Gently remove the hair iron and hold the hair on your hand for a while※2
how to curl wig 05 After the hair get cool down completely, it's done!Repeat these steps to curl entire hair
※1 Please don't heat hair iron up too high.110℃~120℃ is the best.
※2 Heat resistant fiber fix its style when it gets cool down after heated up. If you skip this step, it can't hold its curl well.

The heat resistant fiber is high temperture after using hair iron.
So pelase be careful not to get burnt.


◆For Full wig
Put buffer material into your wig to keep its shape.
Put wig into a protecting net then keep it in a box.

Please be away from heat and moisture.
Please avoid wigs from being shapless in over stuffed box or putting it under heavy things.

If you often use wig, we recommend to keep it on a mannequin or wig stand.

how to store wig 01 Put buffer material inside
how to store wig 02 Put wig into protecting weaving net
how to store wig 03 Store it in a box not to be shapless


Heat resistant wig

It doesn't have resistance to heat so that hair fiber might get altered by using hair iron.

Non-heat resisting wig

It doesn't have resistance to heat so that hair fiber might get altered by using hair iron.

Wig Net

Wig Net is a weaving net cap to put on under wig.
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Adjuster is a belt tape to adjust its size . It's inside of our full wig.

Natural scalp

Natural scalp offers a very realistic scalp and gives natural look when you wear wig.


FUKASHI is a special-processed hair. You can see frizzy hair (that is FUKASHI) around root of bangs or top of head to add more volume on wig hair.


Wig stand

You can put and keep wigs on it.
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You can use it to put and keep wigs or to arrange wig hair.
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Wig clamp

Wig clamp is for stablizing mannequin head so that when you arrange wig hair on mannequine head, it is going to be easier.
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Wig scissors

It is suitable for trimming wig hair than regular scissors.
Basically there are 2types of wig scissors; cut scissors and thinning scissors.

◆Cut scissors
For basic hair cut like adjusting its length etc
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◆Thinning scissors
For thinning and texturizing hair
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Shaggy cut razor

Shaggy cut razor is comb shaped hair razor.
It is so easy to thinning hair by just moving like combing your hair!
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Glue gun

Glue gun is a tool for adhering by melting and applying resinic sticks.
It can be used to add hair extension to wig, so it helps your wig arrangement a lot!
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Craft bond

Mix it with water and put it onto surface of wig hair then you can set and fix hair-styling!

Dying wig

If you can't find your favorite color of wig, you can dye wig hair.Often used items are listed below.

※Airily doesn't take any responsibility for it.
Please try it with your self-responsibility.

It is convenient to dye entire wig
◆Black tea
It is good and handy to make its color darker